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HELLO!               नमस्ते!               வணக்கம்!

Srividhya Venkat headshot.jpg

A children’s author and former early childhood educator, Srividhya Venkat strongly believes in the power of books and stories.

While she likes to write stories that bring out the nuances of her upbringing in India, she is also inspired by her experiences from living in three different countries. In addition, she enjoys performing oral storytelling for children.

When not reading or writing, Srividhya loves to listen to music, tinker with new recipes, and explore the world outside her window. She currently resides in the Chicago area with her family.

My first-ever story was illustrated and hand-printed by my brother when I was 8 years old. Then I grew up to be just another adult. But after reading several books to my children, I sort of became a kid and began weaving stories again.

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