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Publisher: Kokila Books
Illustrator: Kate Wadsworth

Inspired by the skateboarding revolution in India, GIRLS ON WHEELS follows three friends who support one another through the ups and downs of learning to skateboard.

Anila is on her way to her favorite place: the skate park. She longs to glide on her board and feel the thrill of catching air. But when she arrives, the ramp looks like a concrete sea monster! Fear creeps in, making her once-broken arm ache. But Sana’s smile and Damini’s laugh wrap Anila in courage. Her friends remind her that in skateboarding, sometimes you fall—but sometimes you fly!

- A Junior Library Guild selection

-A 2024 RISE: A Feminist Project Booklist selection

"...a compelling story about the power of friendship and the importance of courage in the face of adversity..." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

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